Sep 12, 2012

Dear Email Forwarder and Facebook politico

Dear Email Forwarder and Facebook politico: 
An open letter to obnoxious politicos

You know who you are.   You share absurd fallacies about your candidate and you share absurd fallacies about the other guy.  You simultaneously hero-worship your candidate and vilify the other candidate with every other breath.

It's not your passion that bothers me, I love a good debate and political discussion any day, what bothers me is when you choose the most absurd complaint against the opposing candidate and focus all of your energy on that complaint.  

In the case of our current election, the following is a list of the most absurd complaints about each candidate, incidentally, when you choose to focus ANY of your attention on these complaints, I will stop reading anything you send or post... because you are no longer interested in a rational exchange of ideas, but rather are entering into the political "chaos" that strives only to create doubt and confusion, rather than intelligent decisions.  I digress, here is the list:

About Barack Obama:
Anything that questions his status as an American citizen
Anything that states that he, in any way, hates America.
Anything about his religious affiliation, or the idea that he is a closet Muslim. 
Anything that states he is intentionally trying to destroy America
Anything that suggests that he hates God, or is trying to remove God from America

The above are all an unintelligent attempt to distract from the real issues at hand.  People who dwell in the land of "Obama is a Muslim Devil" should know that I think they are either extremely uninformed or intentionally lying to cause chaos.  I'm sorry, I can't hear you. 

About Mitt Romney: 
Anything stating that he is going to destroy America
Anything that criticizes him for being a Mormon 
Anything that says he hates Mexicans

Who knows, maybe two of those things are true.  Why does it matter if he is a Mormon? It's not like America is suddenly going to become a "Mormon Country".  Maybe he wants to build the "Great Wall of Texas" to keep the Mexicans out, he won't get that passed with all the other more important things to consider.  Just relax.  He might be corporate, but it doesn't make him evil incarnate. 

The thing is, I am a "Decline to State" voter.  Which, for me means: I used to be a Democrat, but realized that I am far too conservative to fall on that side of the fence, and really too liberal to fall on the Republican side.   I was raised by Democrats, and am surrounded by Republicans and don't trust either side, but even so I vote every single election and choose what to vote for based on intelligent facts I read and hear about candidates and issues.

This brings me to the current election. 

There is very little that I have seen, heard or read that gives me confidence that I know who to vote for based on fact and not based on well disguised propaganda.  I like President Obama, though I am a little disappointed in how his first term has turned out.  I don't like our current Congress,  because I am disgusted with how little they seem to accomplish because they are spending so much time playing games that remind me of social circles in High school.  

Show me how either the Republicans or Democrats are making attempts at working with the other side in civil, well behaved ways and I will eat my words. I promise.  

Recently I found a website that seems to ACTUALLY have unbiased information about the candidates, as opposed to FOX or CNN (unbiased my right food).   It's call Politifact, and it seems to be a great resource for people who are interested in checking the information they are sharing, to make sure that it is factual, and not a bunch of made-up hooey. 

For example, here are screen shots from the website of each of the candidates, if you click on the picture, it should take you to their page on the website.

Based on what these files tell me, the follow facts are apparent: 42% of what Mitt Romney says in speeches is Mostly False, False or Pants on Fire, as compared to 27% of what Obama says.  Apparently politicians lie, who knew??  Which means Mitt Romney lies more than Obama.  Incidentally, if you click on the screen shots above you can click on the category (like "Pants on Fire") and see every statement and read a description of the truth.  Fascinating stuff.   

For example: Two truths that Obama has said about Romney: Romney has millions in a Swiss Bank Account and that Romney will oppose employers covering contraception and will cut funding for Planned Parenthood.  Two truths that Romney has said about Obama: That Obama has never visited Israel, and that Obama said "We should talk to Iran" in an early speech as President.

To conclude my letter to you, my politico friends who send me email forwards so full of lies that I can't even write a rebuttal, and find myself sending snopes links multiple times a week, and to those who constantly post negative things about Obama and Romney on Facebook, I say: check your facts.  Be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.  

I hope for a time where people think before forwarding, that question the crazy stuff people post and who do not believe everything they hear on the radio or see on a talk show.  I dream of a time where there can be intelligent discourse about political differences instead of the brawl of slander, malice, lies and ugly words that we currently have.  It might be just a dream and nothing more, but I still hope for a future that is better than today.

Here's hoping for some truth!

Just Me,  AJ

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  1. Awesome, well-written and so, so true. I could have written this line myself: "I was raised by Democrats, and am surrounded by Republicans and don't trust either side, but even so I vote every single election" so I'm very glad you posted the link to that website! I'm going to check it out.


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