Sep 27, 2012

Oh My! The Holidays are coming!!

As of today, just thought you should know {please don't panic}
There are.... ahem ...

33 days to Halloween {eek! have to start making costumes}
62 days to Thanksgiving {eek! have to start losing weight}
87 day to Christmas {eek! have to start working on my Christmas list}

In all honesty, as I get older, I am enjoying the holidays more and more.  I really don't dread their approach, and each year I plan on making them less hectic and more joyful by simply avoiding unnecessary busyness.  Each year I fail miserably, but enjoy the holidays never-the-less. 

As a part of the SITS Fall back into Blogging Challenge, I have been enjoying visits from new readers, visiting new blogs and have been a little more intentional about inviting my IRL (in real life) friends to come visit my blog (which I avoided somewhat when I was regularly blogging before).

In honor of my countdown to the holidays I offer these ideas, (and one ICMT project). What do I mean by ICMT? Well... it comes from an old meme (this original post).  And I quote: 
"I don't know about you, but I suffer from a disease I call ICMT (I can make that), which has resulted in a large cabinet full of craft items, and many friends shaking their heads incredulously at me.   The symptoms of ICMT are simple... if you see something cute, but aren't willing to fork over the money, and THEN you look closely at it to see how it's made, and THEN you spend more than you would have to buy the supplies to make it yourself, you too suffer from ICMT (your husband too).  This has resulted in my scouring the internet to learn how to bead, make bows, and numerous other crafts.  It really is an illness.  I mean, REALLY... but I like it, it makes my itchy fingers happy too!"

Great ideas for Gifts in a Jar

These Christmas Games sound too much fun!

Finally, my project. I've been seeing those Rag Garlands or "Tied" fabric wreaths around on Pinterest and decided to make my own.

Here is the finished product: 

Pretty cute in a fall-sy sort of way, yes?
I made this one today in roughly 45 minutes, while teaching a handful of teens how to do it as well (my day job - mentoring pregnant and parenting teens... sometimes we do crafts).

Good scissors for cutting fabric
Twine, hemp etc. (5 feet for a garland, shorter for other crafts)
Fabric (I used 8 different fabrics, and tied on approximately 90 strips of fabric, 1/2 yard of fabric gives you roughly 32 strips - so this used about 1 1/2 yard of fabric)
Beads (totally optional, though it makes it cute!)

This is what you do:
Cut the fabric into 2" thick strips, and approximately 8"-10" long (Hint: roll folded fabric and cut into 2" rolls, unroll and ta-da! Strips!)

Next, loop one end of the twine, and knot (leaving a loop to hang on a hook or nail) slide 6-10 beads on against the tied end.
The base of the below pictured rag ornament, and what the end knots should look like.. 

Begin tying the strips of fabric, just a single tie, onto the twine.  
Push together to create the garland look.  Use a pattern or not at all... just have fun!

As you tie, if you want the fabric to all hang in one direction, begin gently pulling the ends in the direction you want them to go (while holding the knot with the other hand). 

To finish slide the same number of beads you started with at the other end and tie off.

In the end you have something that looks like this:

Have extra fabric?  Why not make this little rag ornament:

What is your favorite "ICMT" craft or recipe?  


  1. The garland looks like a fun craft! I'm not so crafty though, so I'll leave it to you creative ladies out there to work on!
    Stopping by from SITS! Have an awesome FALL day!

  2. Oh yay - it's a disease, I thought I was crazy. Eventhough crazy is probably a disease as well. Well I don't want to be cured of my ICMT or of my crazy ;)I love this I've had 1 yard of 4 different Halloween fabrics sitting on my cutting table trying to come up with something to do with them, now I know, a Wreath. Thank you for sharing.

  3. This looks so cute! I love the beads in it. Stopping from SITS!

  4. Wow, how neat is that. I am completely missing the craft gene, so I love looking at people who *can* make them!

    Stopping in from SITS!

  5. Oh I definitely suffer from ICMT! But rag garlands are great (I've made tons) for crafty wannabes! I love how you added the beads, too!

  6. I think I suffer from ICMT also ... :) Love what you have shared and the garland! Those teens are lucky to have you! (Stopping by from SITS)

  7. This garland is so cute I think I have to make it!

    Stopping by from SITS,

  8. I like! Even a non-crafty person like me can prob manage to make it happen. Thanks for the idea. Following from Sits.

  9. Super Cute! I love this idea! I love quick and easy.

  10. Oh yes, I have that disease! In fact, I recently was thinking of cleaning out all my craft stuff,but I didn't have the heart to do it! Oh well.
    Cute garland!


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