Oct 31, 2012

31 Days of {inner} Beauty Overview


I wrote these 31 days as an act of obedience to God
and as a challenge to my creative energies.
I wrote these 31 days to tell you how much God loves you.  
To tell you how amazing you are.
I wrote these 31 days to understand and believe 
how much God loves me, 
to become more like him, 
and to spend some time working on the inside 
(rather than just the outside).

I wrote these 31 days and linked up with the Nesting Place along with several hundred other bloggers.  

For 31 days I blogged daily about focusing on improving my inner beauty.
The process of inner beauty for me is going to be a three part process.

 The first 10 days... I focused on "Out with the Old, {in with the new}" - noticing those things I need to purge from my life to become more open to what He has in store for me.

 The second 11 days... I focused on "Who am I {in Him}" - remembering my identity in Christ is also about realizing the potential within me for being so much MORE than I am. He made me beautiful, I just need to learn what that means.

 The last 10 days... I focused on "A Crown of Beauty {instead of Ashes}" - Looking at those traits that build inner beauty in me.

If you click on the buttons you can read the posts from those days.

Praying that you will KNOW that God made you BEAUTIFUL and UNDERSTAND what that means for YOUR LIFE.

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  1. Hi AJ! :) What a wonderful way to wrap up your series. You are such a gifted writer and filled with Jesus. Your blog is always so inspirational. I really appreciate that you are real and candid in your posts. :)

    Enjoy your weekend! xoxo


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