Oct 25, 2012

Put on the Armor {Ephesians 6:11}

Day 25 of 31 days - Part 3
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Today's Verse: Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. Ephesians 6:11 (ESV)  

Some days I take a big breath and grit my teeth and just march onward with the knowledge that I just have to get through it.  That is survival.

This verse talks about the battle, the battle of our minds and the "schemes of the Devil".  It sounds like make-believe.  Like I've stepped through the wardrobe and into Narnia, where the White Witch has been replaced by a scary looking red dude with a pitchfork and horns and nefarious plans.

Don't misunderstand me, I believe in the spiritual realm. I believe that there is a Devil, and there are angels and demons.  I believe that the Devil has schemes (he must... otherwise why would it mention those schemes in the Bible?) 

I also believe that as humans we do enough damage without Satan's help.

Some days it may be that we are being tested, tried, or attacked by those unseen forces.  Some days it may be that we are being tested, tried or distracted by our sin nature.

Regardless of the source, it's a struggle.  It's a fight.  A battle.

Ephesians lays out the armor of God: a belt of truth (which holds up your sword and pants...)  a breastplate of righteousness, shoes of readiness, shield of faith, helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit (which is the Word of God).  

As a child I thought that it sounded very heavy.

As an adult, I KNOW that it is very heavy... but is necessary.  Without my salvation protecting my mind I am easily distracted.  Without my faith to protect me from the flaming arrows of doubt and self-loathing, I am easily discouraged.  Without God's righteousness to protect my heart, I am easily led astray.  Without feet that are ready to fight, I am prone to laziness, and just try to ignore the battle.    The only offensive part of my armor is the Word of God... and if I don't try to get that into my head and heart, I can't fight against the lies that are spoken to me. 

So, back to the days that I stand up and grit my teeth and just try to make it through the day... the reality is that I don't have to do that.  It says to "be strong in the LORD, and in THE STRENGTH OF HIS MIGHT"... it isn't me at all.  I just have to stand beside him, and be prepared.  

I prepare myself by getting the Word in ME, and in so doing, I strengthen my faith and make my feet ready.  By being in the Word I rely on my salvation and am surrounded by truth, which makes everything else seem insignificant.    By living in the Word, my righteousness will grow and strengthen, until nothing can damage me... because I am in THE STRENGTH OF HIS MIGHT.

When we put on the armor of God we are beautiful because we are strong in HIS strength.

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