Nov 20, 2012

A Simple Thanksgiving Craft

Is it a centerpiece? Is it a place card? It can be both!

These sweet little candle covers are inexpensive and easy to make, even for the smallest turkey eater.

Materials needed:

  • Tracing paper (found as a pad in the kid craft supply section of stores like Target and Walmart) cut into strips that are 2.5" tall and 7"-8" wide
  • Glue stick or clear tape
  • Battery powered tealight candle OR regular tealight AND a baby food jar or small votive holder. (don't place one around a "naked" real flame... the fire risk is too great)
  • Crayons, colored pencils or pens.

1. Start by cutting your paper.
2. Using crayons, pencils or pens to decorate, write your name (if you choose) and one thing you are thankful for in the middle of the strip.
3. Decorate the rest using a leave image you can trace (like the one pictured below) or stickers, colored stripes, scriptures or more!

4. Roll into a column and secure ends together with a small amount of glue or tape.
5. Place on a table with a large number of these with battery operated tea-lights down the middle of your Thanksgiving table. 

Perfect fun!

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