Nov 9, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Just another day in paradise


This morning was a typical morning.  My 9 year old was laughing in that obnoxious way of his, to annoy his 7 year old sister.  She was whining loudly and demanding that he stop.  I attempt to quietly warn them to stop their insanity, but they couldn't hear me.  

So I said it louder.

Needless to say, they were both talking over each other arguing about who was being more annoying.  She was whining and demanding that he started it.  He was laughing maniacally, interspersed with "Am Not" maniacal laughter "You did" maniacal laughter "Stop being so grumpy"...

My husband wades in and strongly reminds them that they will be late to school if they don't stop acting insane and "EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!".  A few moments of spoons scraping bowls follows.

A chair scrapes back, and a stomp, stomp stomp stomp rhythm goes down the hall.  I hear the electric toothbrush turn on.  Meanwhile my 7 year old princess begins groaning about her stomach hurting because she ate her oatmeal too quickly.  The clatter of a bowl in the sink and she pads out of the kitchen.  

Down the hall the fighting begins again.  Arguments about hogging the sink or making a mess in the bathroom.  I listen, hoping to get a sense if they are getting ready for school despite the three ring circus that is going on.  

Doors slamming open and then shut, shuffling sounds, zippers being zipped, and then both appear in the kitchen backpacks on, ready to go.  

The car ride is more of the same.  Obnoxious laughter followed by irritated whining.  I distract them with questions about their day, and 3 minutes later they are on the curb and out of my car.

Quiet settles over me.  I can suddenly hear the Chris Tomlin song playing on the radio.  

I begin to imagine what it would be like to not have children.  

I immediately banish the thought.  I like the noise.  I can handle the fighting.  

In 10-15 years they will most likely be gone, living their own lives, and I can have quiet then. (Yeah, right)

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  1. It is kind of nuts how quickly all that noise just shuts down when the kids head out, huh? And those moments when we do think "If only…nah." : )

    Thanks for the comment over on my blog!

  2. Hi AJ,

    Phew, I can relate to the bedlam. We just had some of that over here over supper and before bedlam. :)

    Re your comment on my post, "He Surprised Me," Thank you, AJ. Thanks for dropping in to say hi.

    So... I'm curious. Your blog, or you, keeps track of the dates in a European manner with the day then month. Tell me more... :)

    Jennifer Dougan


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