Nov 1, 2012

Just Thankful...

Today, I am thankful. November is here, and with it (in 3 short weeks) THANKSGIVING!  I LOVE Thanksgiving.  I love it because of the food, I love it because of the comfort of family traditions.  I love that it's almost been the same for my whole life (other than the people... they always change). During November, rather than writing a Novel (I am thinking about it... but as a procrastinator, it will never get farther than that), I like to share things that I am thankful for.  So here is today's delightful post:

 I am thankful that October is over... and I managed to make our Halloween costumes with enough time for us to all wear them more than once... here is my little Dorothy and Scarecrow...

Another thing I am thankful for:  I only made two babies cry on Halloween night.  Which is better than it could have been... there was a third baby that was looking at me and I worried that she might cry, but I left before it could happen... Here we are at our church's Fall Carnival. (Wizard of Oz theme... yes)

I am thankful that November is here... which means the political ads are almost done... almost.
Today's final thing that I am thankful for: My cat.  He's been with me for more than 16 years... since I was 19 years old.  There are very few things that have been with me that long.
He is a cute, fluffy kitty... too bad he's deaf and he drools when he's happy.

What are YOU thankful for??

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  1. Great Halloween costumes! I am thankful for the great blogs I get to read...yours, of course, included!! :-)

    I received your email about guest posting together. What a great idea! Let me know how you want to do it and I'm in. Have a great weekend! xoxo


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