Nov 15, 2012

Off Center Thanksgiving Part 1

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Here is me finding the Small and Slightly odd things to be thankful for.
I will admit that these may or may not be in my archives, and I may or may not have stolen them from 2 years ago.

1. Starbucks.  I love driving through and getting good coffee.  So what if they charge a million dollars per year to utilize this "convenience". I just walked into a new "large" Starbucks last week and almost wept at the beauty...

2. McDonalds.  I love to eat breakfast at McDonalds.  It makes me happy.  Especially when they are playing that Monopoly game.  I could win something.

3. The Lotto.  It gives poor people everywhere the dream of making big bucks by buying a piece of paper for a few bucks.  At least we can dream.

4. Phineas and Ferb.  If you don't know what I am talking about... get up from your desk right now, go to your tv and turn to the Disney Channel, find out when the next Phineas and Ferb is coming on and plan to watch it. OR turn on Netflix and find it there.  It's really funny.  Plus my kids like it.  SCORE!

5. My little ponies.  They are small, plastic, and have long flowing manes.  They also have an excellent show on Netflix that my kids can watch over and over and still laugh at. This one on the left makes me laugh... and I am not ashamed to say it.  Ah Pinkie Pie....

6.  My camera.  Because I need to take a picture of EVERYTHING.  I do. This way I can be a hoarder... but it only takes up space on my computer.

7. KLOVE.  They may play the same 12 songs over and over.  But I like those songs. One of my current favs: Need you Now by Plumb

8. Facebook.  Yet another way we can have false intimacy.  Besides I like stupid quizes and pointless games. Don't you?

9. My friends.  I would go mad.  I need them to keep sane. True story.  (Besides, who else would go see the last Twilight movie with me on Sunday?! SO EXCITED!)

10. Wine.  I would go mad.  I need it to keep sane. True story.

11. Sand between my toes.  Most people don't like it because it's ... sandy. I love how free I feel when I stand barefoot on the beach looking out at the vastness that is the ocean.  Makes me feel small.  Not many things do...

12. I am thankful for Google.  It makes me feel so smart.  I can find out anything I wanted to know, and can learn how to do almost ANYTHING by just typing a couple words.  This has saved me a LOT of time and money... because I don't have to read whole books to find the one little bit of information I am looking for.  YAY GOOGLE!

13.  Blogger.  What else could I be doing with my time besides sitting here and typing and reading and writing and trying to be clever for a bunch of people who I may or may not know.  What a blessing.  Really.  In a time-sucking way.  It verifies that I am alive.  This is good.  If I suddenly stopped blogging, maybe someone would wonder whatever happened to me.  That's nice.  People will miss me for like... um... 2 days.  AND then they will forget about me.  It's special that way.

14. E-mail and the internet.  What did we do before this invention?  Thank God for Al Gore.  That's all I have to say. (There are people who suddenly decided to not follow me now.) I am being funny.  Really.  Al Gore is funny.  In a tall wooden environmentalist freak sorta way.  Funny I say. Funny.

15. Checking the weather online.  This way the latest weather updates are available to me right here, on my computer.  Thank goodness I don't actually have to get up and walk the 5 feet to look out the window and see what the weather is like.  What a relief.  Now I can have incorrect... BUTT FREAKIN' WRONG weather updates more often... really.  What a relief.

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  1. :) My Little Pony has brought much joy to our household... We have one video, and it has been watched a number of times.

    And, yes, Google can make a person feel smart!


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