Dec 6, 2012

5 different ways to comment on a blog {or on FB}

Not sure if you knew: Comments are like Cat Nip to bloggers {this one included!} When we write, we pour ourselves into little posts that are viewed by "the masses" {or in my case, 15 people}.  Even though our analytics tell us how many people "stalked" by... it still warms our little bloggy hearts to hear from our readers!!   Most of what bloggers write about are a part of a conversation.  It's disheartening to write and discuss and have no one else participate.  

It's like this: imagine you and I are sitting at Starbucks and I tell you something that I think is super interesting... maybe a funny story, a devotional or maybe something I am learning about parenting. 
As I finish, I look expectantly at you.

Me: So, what did you think?
You: {Silence with blank stare}
Me: Oooooh Kaaaay... let me tell you what God is teaching me right now...
You: {Silence} 
Me: Please say something!!  Tell me I am your friend!  Nod your head to let me know you are following!
You: Nods head (clicks "follow")
Me: Are you listening?  Can you see me? (Jumping up and down, waving arms) What if I give you something??
You: Awesome! What do you want me to do? I will jump on one leg and dance like a monkey.
Me: Free COFFEEE! 
You and 24 of your friends: I'm your friend! Talk to ME! ;)

I kid, but in all seriousness, stalking (reading without following or commenting) is a normal thing people do on blogs and Facebook  but it doesn't make it okay.  I challenge you to comment on (at least) every other blog you visit and read and on one out of 3-4 Facebook updates.  Don't know what to say? Let me help you!

Here it is: 5 different ways to comment on a blog (or Facebook)

1. Emote and Relate - Laugh {when appropriate}, frown, share their emotion. Briefly share a similar experience you've had.

2. Answer a question - Sometimes there is one asked, sometimes there is one perceived.  Answer it.

3. Appreciate and Compliment - Sometimes just tell them how much you like their post, or their blog. You know bloggers are all just sitting around waiting for someone to pat them on their heads, to give them affirmation. Do that.

4.  Share information - Sometimes you might have something you know about a particular topic.  It's good to share that information {briefly} in a comment.

5. Offer Support: If all else fails, offer support by following their blog, liking the post, sharing the post or pinning the post. Tell them that you are following.  Tell them you think they are nice.  Tell them you think they are a fabulous writer, mother, woman, human... You will win friends and influence people.

If you are more of a visual person: 

2 things to AVOID when commenting

Spam: Just impersonally ignoring the post and leaving your contact information.  I see this one more on blog hops.  It's bad etiquette.   If you want to invite someone back to your blog... first tell them why their dog is so cute and THEN offer the invite. Or WORSE than that... copying and pasting a comment from blog to blog, even if it's not relevant to the post. (Don't do it)

Negativity: Most people aren't looking for someone to criticize, edit or insult their post, beliefs, opinions or values.  Follow the old adage: If you don't have anything nice to say, then DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!. 


Just say NO to stalking {reading peoples' blog posts, or looking at FB posts and pictures but never commenting}  Say YES to commenting! How much time does it take, really and you will really be making a difference in someone's day! :)

What do you think: Why don't you comment on someone's blog or FB post? 


  1. I try to comment on every post I read...But sometimes I'm just in a hurry, but still want to hear what my fellow bloggers have to say so I skim and move on to the next. But, I'm totally with you. Yes, comments are like cat nip to the soul. I love it when someone takes the time. It really makes my day.

  2. :) Thank you for commenting!

  3. Fantastic post! I found myself raising my hand all "old school church style" and shouting "AMEN!" a few times. I am a new blogger, and I get so excited when someone even stops by my blog. A comment is like a piece of chocolate heaven :). I totally agree that you should try to comment on a high percentage of what you read. I put a giveaway on my blog this week to increase traffic. I knew what I was getting into - but I really thought ONE new person would leave a comment. Oh well, you win some - you lose some!


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