Dec 21, 2012

The REAL meaning of Christmas

It's Christmastime! My gifts are nearly all bought, my Christmas cards sent, my decorations have been up so long they are beginning to collect dust, I've baked a hearty 35+ dozen cookies and have listened to hundreds of hours of Christmas music. 

I am filled with the "Spirit of the Season" how about you?? 

Not everyone is as chipper about Christmas. 
For some, Christmas is a reminder of what they have lost. 
For others, financial strain has put a damper on Christmas, leaving them feeling Grinchy. 
For still others, the traditions of Christmas have overwhelmed the Spirit of Christmas, and they have become disenchanted with the whole thing. 

So, what is Christmas about REALLY??

Christmas is definitely NOT about this guy:

Christmas is NOT about the decorations you put up...

Christmas is NOT about the elves you move...

Christmas is NOT about the cookies you bake...

The REAL meaning of Christmas can't be found in the gifts you buy (and wrap), the cards you send, the parties you attend or even the family you visit.

The REAL meaning of Christmas is found in the "right" motivation behind all that we do during this season.

Ready?  The REAL meaning of Christmas is found right here:

Because of LOVE, we live these amazing lives of abundance, we give gifts, mail cards, make our homes beautiful, and delight our children with stories of Santa and Elves. 

Because of LOVE, we are given a gift freely, one we often leave on the shelf of our lives, or trip over in our day to day busyness, a gift of hope and peace that we don't always reach for in the darker moments. 

Because of LOVE, we can have the hope of eternal life, which is in Christ.

In the midst of the frantic pace of the Christmas season...let us not lose sight of the beauty that encompasses Christmas.  

Not in the lights or trees or gifts or elves...

but in the simple beauty of a baby born in a manager...

who grows up to be the Savior of the world. 

Blessings on you during Christmas and all year long!

What do YOU think?
For you, what is the REAL meaning of the season?

Linking up with Just a Small Town Girl and Lashes and Beard ... if you want to read a great post that explains more about this gift of Love I was talking about... they can tell you how you can get that gift for yourself (for FREE!)


  1. It's so refreshing to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. I can get so caught up in making sure I bought the perfect gift, making sure my house looks perfect for the gathering we will have, and making sure we have carried out all of our family's traditions. When I focus on these things I become stressed and grinch like.....yuck! When I stop and focus on Jesus it makes everything fall into place.

    Have a truly wonderful Christmas with your family. Xoxo

    1. Jesus makes this season and it's obligations and stress worth it. Celebrating HIS love makes it all make sense. :) thank you friend, you as well!!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful and thoughtful perspective! It's so easy to get caught up in everything that we forget about it's all about.... the LOVE of God! Let's remember that not just at Christmas but every day!

    1. AMEN! (Thank you for the thoughtful comment!)

  3. AMAZING post, AJ! So great to see how the Lord is working in the heartssalon and through the words of the blogging community. :) Merry Christmas, indeed!

  4. This is beautiful AJ...thanks for sharing your heart!! Have a very Merry Christmas :)

  5. Simply Beautiful - and a great encouragement to me in a challenging time. Thank you!

  6. When we focus on the real meaning, all the other stuff doesn't seem so stressful and important, does it? Wonderful post.

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