Feb 7, 2013

A Poem for Five Minute Friday - "Bare"

"For now we are looking in a mirror that gives only a dim view reflection or reality--Now I know in part (Imperfectly); but then I shall know and understand fully and clearly even in the same manner as I have been fully and clearly known and understood by God."  1 Corinthians 13:12 

Arms cross my chest. Holding myself in.
She talks and I listen...
 my inner voice niggles from the back of my mind.

Don't give too much away.  Save it.
Maybe she won't stay.
Maybe she will see...
that you aren't loveable. 
Rejected. good for nothing.    

I refocus on her story and make sounds of concern and care.
 Now it comes time for me to bare my soul.
 To be transparent and honest...
so she can see...
that I can understand her pain.
that I can offer love and caring.
that I am a friend.

I expose enough of my core to fake intimacy.
I wrap my arms around my center to protect myself.
 I am safe.

Later, I am alone with Him.
The God who made me.
I hold myself in.
I try to pretend to be transparent with Him.

His chuckle shakes my core.
"I see you."
Suddenly I am bare.  
I have no shield that can stop His love.
I have no words that can stop His grace.
I have no thoughts that can stop His mercy.

I relax my arms and open my hands.
and I am LOVED. 


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  1. It is so true, that we can't even hide from Him. And I love how you share Him laughing, in love, when we try to protect ourselves from Him--when really, He is all we need. Glad to be your neighbor-buddy at FMF this week!

  2. He always reminds me that He sees me, when I try to hide from Him. I am still uncomfortable in my barrenness, yet calls me to bare my soul. Beautiful post!

  3. LOVE this and I love that we are neighbors over at Lisa-Jo's! "I have no shield that can stop His love.
    I have no words that can stop His grace. I have no thoughts that can stop His mercy." YES! This. This is Truth!

  4. Love how He pursues us, especially our bare souls...beautiful, A.J....Nice to meet another Californian :)

  5. This was a beautiful poem. I 'get it'. I read your post about ministry before I read the 'bare' post. I felt like you were writing my own bio.
    I worked for a little over 8 years with teen age girls. I managed a non-profit and I taught girls to sew. We made quilts that we donated to charities. Our 'real' goal was to teach them about God. It was a Blessed experience that I miss so much. But things change doors close. I really enjoyed your post and visiting your blog. I am following now in my Blue Slippers. And, I am getting your posts via email so I can stay connected. Thanks for sharing this and Blessing me today. I wrote a Bare post also. Much different. I hope you have the time to visit my blog. I am much more than the post I wrote today.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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