Feb 1, 2013

Afraid - FMF

The word: Afraid


I am afraid that the world is going to hell in a hand-basket.  
I am afraid that my kids won't be successful
I am afraid that some idiot with a gun or a knife will randomly kill a kid I know 
and I can't control any of it. 

I am not afraid of tomorrow.  
The reality is that I can't change what will happen, I can only change my reaction.  

What are you afraid of?
The dark?
The boogy man?
Being rejected?

I have been afraid, but often stop myself with the word "Why?"  

Why am I afraid?  What is the worst that can happen?

A lot.  A lot of really bad stuff.  Horrible, heart wrenching stuff.

But the reality is, being afraid won't keep those things from happening, it just steals my joy.

So I choose to {attempt} to live life without fear. 

I choose to be joyful, hopeful and believe that no matter what comes, I can handle it, because I am never alone.

God is with me.


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In other news... read a post by Bloggy buddy Kiran over at Masala Chica that really resonated with me... check it out!


  1. Love this and your reminder to not let it steal our joy. Thank you!

  2. This is the truth: "But the reality is, being afraid won't keep those things from happening, it just steals my joy."

    Fear steals JOY. And I totally believe that peace is found in giving it all to Jesus.

    Great post,

  3. I love the first line... :) and the last.

  4. I am visiting your blog from five minute friday, great post all of your fears resonate with me, wouldnt it be good if we could just wrap our children in bubblewrap!

  5. I have allowed fear to steal my joy on many occasions. What a wonderful reminder that God is on our sides and always with us.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. AMEN!!!! I'm so glad you stopped by my post so I could find yours!!!

    Choosing joy is not easy. It is really, really hard. I lost my husband to pancreatic cancer about a year and a half ago now. Throughout his battle with cancer we had a choice, we could either wallow in self-pity and depression or we could take full advantage of the time we had left together. We chose joy. Not that we weren't completely heart-broken, scared and all of the other things too, but we chose to make the very best of every minute that we had together. When he passed away, I didn't have regrets. I had peace that we had been happy together. It is truly a gift from God to be able to choose joy.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. My grandmother used to say that fear was merely a distraction. Something trying to pull you away from the Truth. I think she has a point...

    Regardless, I'm with you. I'm choosing joy!
    thrilled to meet you via FMF!


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