Feb 28, 2013


The word: Ordinary

I read the words one at a time.
He scribbled them in his best-fourth-grade-boy writing.
I made up silly sentences for each one of the 25 words, building on each one until they become so top-heavy, they come tumbling down into nonsense and giggles.

One word popped out of the list as I read it, and he repeated it. 
I said extraordinary. 

He repeated EXTRA ordinary.

And then my mind was gone, tripping down this interesting word that my fourth grader can spell.

Not just ordinary, EXTRA ordinary.  So, does that mean that it's so ordinary it's amazing? 
I smiled to myself as I contemplated the ramifications of this spelling word.

Isn't that what I want to be?  Extraordinary.  Extra Ordinary. 
Just me.  {shrug}  I'm good with that.

Then my mind spins off another direction, my mouth firms as I consider how much I strive to be excellent, obedient, better than yesterday.  I know why I do it all. 
I want to be extraordinary, I want to be set-apart, I want to be different.

But for WHO?  For me.  For the world.

What would that look like if I was doing it for God?

Probably EXTRA ordinary.  Everything I am, I am because of Him.  But is that ordinary? 
Does God make anything that is ordinary?

No.  Everything HE makes is extraordinary.

The definition of ordinary is standard or commonplace. 
The definition of extraordinary is unusual or remarkable.

Which one would YOU want to be??

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  1. Ora et labora - pray and work. We draw closer to God in the simple tasks of the day - the ordinary. Isn't it a joy to be a mother and learn these things through our children?

  2. This makes me teary. I've been striving for ordinary when I should be embracing the extra ordinary. Thank you for sharing & pointing this out. Visiting from 5MinFri.

  3. "What would that look like if I was doing it for God." Good words for me to ponder today about so many areas of my life.

  4. Beautifully written. I want to be extraordinary in Him. :)

  5. I "tagged" you in a post today! I hope you will participate :)


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