Mar 21, 2013

A burning heart... I remember. FMF

...The hour I was called into ministry.  I was kneeling on the dirty floor of a college stadium, my back to the stage, my face lifted up with tears streaming down.  Listening to 19,000 voices sing "O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing." Listening to God's voice as He calmly, patiently, lovingly called me to a life in service to Him.  The heat burned in my chest as I knew that He had called me and created me for a purpose.  The heat burned because I felt my future spring away from me into eternity...

...The first time my husband kissed me, my whole being was focused in on his every movement as he slowly, slowly, slowly touched his lips to mine.  A heat that had abandoned my hands and feet the moment I opened the door at the beginning of our date, returned in full force...

...The night my husband proposed to me with a poem and down on two knees in the snow... my heart danced within my chest until it burned with the hope and dreams of happily ever after.  The cheers and squeals of delight of friends and family and the inner smiles as I knew I would begin my life with him as soon as I could hope...

...Two days after I came home from the hospital with our son, the quiet of 2am.  The gentle squeak of  the rocker as I held him close to my heart, and cried.  I cried because I loved him so much I couldn't breathe.  I loved him so much and I knew that he was only mine for a little while.  I cried because I didn't know what to do with that love, but I knew that some day he would leave... and though it is right and the way God intended, I couldn't imagine ever being without him...

Yesterday I shared how my heart is deceitful, and yet I remember how my heart has burned in times that have proven to be true.  (My son is only 9, so he hasn't left yet)...   I can remember my heart burning at other times as well, and I know that the fire that God has given me cannot be quenched with logic and reason.   

Just praying that I can recognize when the fire is consuming.

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  1. Wow, A.J. you wrote so beautifully about so many powerful memories in five minutes...thanks for the glimpse into your life :) Blessings :)

  2. Powerful, so powerful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh this is so beautiful, and so well written in just five minutes! Have a beautiful weekend A.J.!

  4. Your words are so beautiful. I love that you included the time He called you into ministry. So many of want to keep that as a hidden memory but it belongs among all the other precious memories He has blessed us with.

  5. I love how memories bring us together, because we share so many. Our lives may not look and feel identical, but we have similar experiences that make us sisters. I thought this was such a lovely post.

  6. ohhh! That memory of your newborn in the middle of the night was so made my heart remember the burn of bringing my own home. very powerful!

  7. It is hard not to recognize that fire unless you are living in total apathy. I love these instances where you felt that spirit of love so strong. It is good to recognize them because I think without doing so we are negligent.

    Your bit about my son made me misty. I miss my boys...yes, they do grow up too fast.

  8. This is such a thoughtful response, I was happy to read it. I found you linked up on Thumping Thursdays.

  9. Such an honest and beautiful post

  10. Beautiful words, I can hear your heart really coming through.


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