Mar 4, 2013

Potato Soup and a Bacon tip... all wrapped up in one!

I haven't posted very many recipes, but I plan to start remedying that today!

I make a Potato Soup that is to DIE from for!  It's thick, and creamy and yummy and probably really bad for you...

I apologize in advance for the pictures... I took them a couple of years ago... and my camera wasn't great... and my kids still ate out of Buzz Lightyear bowls.  Try to imagine it is in a beautiful fancy bowl. :)

Ingredients (makes 6-8 servings)

1/2 cup butter {one stick}
1/2 cup flour {you can make it with potato flour}
7-8 potatoes, baked {wash, poke and wrap in foil, bake in oven for 1 hour at 375}
4 cups low fat {1%} milk
1 can chicken broth (approx. 2 cups)
2 1/2 cups grated cheese {I prefer colby jack}
1 TBSN each of pepper and garlic salt
Garnishes: Sour Cream, Cheese, cooked and crumbled Bacon, Sliced green onions, etc.

1. Make a roux with the butter and flour: Melt butter over medium heat, whisk in flour once fully melted.
2. Before you accidentally brown your butter and flour mixture, add milk and whisk until no lumps remain.  Heat until bubbling and beginning to thicken.

3. Add broth and continue to whisk together as you heat over medium to medium high heat.
4. Peel potatoes and slice into 1/4 inch slices.
 5. Once broth and milk mixture begins to lightly bubble, add potatoes, cheese, garlic salt and pepper and whisk well.  Smash potatoes to break them up.  Continue to stir until hot, thick and bubbly.

Serve with garnishes and crusty bread.  Enjoy!!

This is what I made for dinner tonight.

OH! My promised Bacon tip:

I kept reading about making Bacon in the oven on Pinterest and decided to try it.   It really was just as good as on the stove with a lot less clean up!

To make Bacon in the oven, it's simple:
Pre-heat oven to 400.  Line a jelly role pan with foil and/or parchment.  Lay bacon out in a single layer on pan.

Bake in 400 degree oven for 10 minute and then flip and bake for between 5-10 minutes.

Nice crispy bacon!


  1. I love potato soup. It's so comforting. I'm always game for trying a new recipe. Yummy!

    1. Eat at your own risk. It's very filling... and a little addictive, reminds me a little of Marie Calendars potato soup. mmmm potato soup.

  2. I will definitely be trying this. It looks yummy and the best thing is that it can be modified to be vegetarian! Yummmmmm!!

  3. That picture makes me hungry. Potato soup is my favorite.

    I'm visiting today from the No Rules Weekend Blog Party.


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