May 9, 2013

Comfort - FMF

The word: COMFORT


Looking back to a moment where a dear friend had been recently diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.  We gathered in her home, and her priest came to bless her with oil and water.  As a Protestant I found my heart stirred by the ancient words the Priest spoke as he anointed her hands with oil as a blessing and a prayer for protection and healing upon her.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago.  We sat across from each other on the couch.  His eyes wore a haunted look as I lashed out at him with hate-filled words. I was angry and I held on to my anger.  I said words I can never take back.  He loved me with a full love, and held on to me with hands tightly closed on my heart.

Something happened.  God intervened.  My husband released me to the only one who could heal my damage and held on to me with open hands.  I finally raised my eyes and looked up at the heavens, and in that moment I opened my hands to God's grace and mercy.   He didn't pause before pouring out a measure overflowing into my open hands.

The comfort came with the unconditional Love that was offered again and again and again and again.  Despite my mistakes and my brokenness, He loved me with open hands.  He held me with tenderness, with mercy and with patience endurance while my stubborn heart took the long way around.  Praise God for His mercies.

They are truly NEW every morning.

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  1. thankful for those mercies!

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend--so glad God is comforting you.

  3. Dear AJ
    We need to do only one thing to receive God's mercy, grace and comfort. We need to go to Him with empty, open hands.
    Blessings from FMF

  4. Mercies are new every morning and this is a beautiful picture and story of that. Blessings!

  5. Repentance and forgiveness are an amazing gift.

  6. I am healing from the broken and bent with just this. The new mercies that flow every day in Him. Lovely and thanks for visiting my blog. It was great to connect. I love five minute Fridays for that. Meeting new people and sharing in the glory of it all.

  7. Blessing to hear the way God is healing your hurt. Give it time and turn to Him during struggles. God bless.


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