May 26, 2013

Here You Leave Today and Enter the World of...

"Bread annnnnnnd Butter".  Their hands entwined as he stretched far over the bench to make up for her short reach.  Each bench, each post, each obstacle creates a game for the princess and her daddy as they walked hand-in-hand down the crowded sidewalk.

Every sign, every decal on every bench announces the "magic" that we were about to encounter.  Standing in a security line to enter the "outer courts" of The Magic Kingdom, the excitement mounts.

My son, still so much my little boy, shifts excitedly from foot to foot.   "What are we going to ride first, mom?"  I lock eyes with my husband who is also shifting in anticipation.  He shrugs, but I can see an answer behind his eyes.  A slow smile gives the obvious answer away.

"Pirates!" In unison we say it, and my daughter, dressed as a princess, claps her hands prettily. 

As we walk to line up at the front gates, the sounds of happiness washes over me.  The smell of freshly applied sunscreen, warming in the already toasty California sun, adds a layer of pleased relaxation to the intense excitement of the parents and children waiting for them to open the gates.

The sounds of adults laughing together or quietly discussing their "game plan" when they get inside the gates mixes with the excited giggles and frenetic energy of the children who weave their way around their parents' legs, some being brought to "heel", others being gently excused by parents feeling just as antsy and excited.

My children begin a simple game of "I spy", finding imagined "Hidden Mickeys" and using their keen observation skills to find items to guess.  Suddenly the music announces that the gates are opening.  There is a sudden collecting of children and digging for tickets as we shift back into straight, nearly single-file, lines.

I quickly glance at the hundreds of people around me, and I am amazed by the different countries represented, and can't help but smile at the giddy anticipation of adults and children alike who are clearly experiencing all of this for the first time.  Their wide-eyes, face-splitting smiles and the fact that they are taking a picture of the ground give them away.

The lines move forward and the smiles grow.  Our tickets are scanned, a somewhat familiar bird song announces that we are "good to go".  Hand in hand, we enter Disneyland.

No garbage litters the ground.  No dead flower is visible, only brightly colored, freshly blooming flowers from the green-houses fill the landscape.  The sound of the Disneyland railroad pull my eyes.  I wave at a smiling brown-haired child who is waiting for his first ride on the train and excitedly waving at anyone who will look at him. 

We follow the winding stream of people through the left archway {regardless of what gate we enter, it is tradition that we always enter through the left archway}.  I pause for a moment and look with affection at the sign that hangs above the arch, "smelling-the-roses" as it were. 

The smell of hot coffee and cinnamon rolls tempts us as we begin our journey down Main Street.  Hand-in-hand, we walk and listen to the music pumping out of every light post and planter, the soundtrack of happily-ever-after.  The music alone can bring tears to my eyes in a sentimental way as I walk in rhythm to the music, swinging hands with my 9 year old.

Welcome to Disneyland.  The Happiest Place on Earth.

Today,  my family and I are actually leaving today to go to Disneyland!!  I have more posts this week about Disneyland, but I would suggest you take a look at these past posts: Disneyland isn't for sissies - 5 tips for a happy healthy tripDisneyland with young children; and Disneyland Tips for your daughter.  Check in to learn more...


  1. I'm so jealous! Have a great trip...interestingly we always go through the right arch. I don't know why...habit

  2. I'm so happy for you and your family! I hope you have a lovely time away.


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