Jun 15, 2013

Favorite Macaroni Salad & I Love Summer Update Week 2

I hardly remember to post recipes on my blog, but the reality is that I love food and I actually love to cook, and so I should be posting more of my favorite recipes.  So, here is one that I love to make all summer long.  I love it because I can make it within 2 hours and it perfectly feeds my family of four without copious amounts of leftovers (unless you like leftovers - then just double it). So, without further ado:

Favorite Macaroni Salad

1 cup uncooked macaroni

1 tsp prepared mustard

¼ cup mayo

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp cider vinegar

½ tsp salt

1-2 hard boiled eggs chopped

Dash pepper

1 celery rib chopped

2 TBSN onion, chopped or minced onion

Cook macaroni and rinse in cold water (cook hard boiled eggs as well)
Combine mustard, mayo, sugar, vinegar and salt together (to make the dressing).
Mix celery, onion, egg and macaroni together until well blended
Mix macaroni mix with dressing.
Refrigerate until ready to eat!

It's summer, so we have been busy.  You can read more about our Summer Bucket List on my I Love Summer page, as well as check out links to all of the other "preparing for Summer" posts I've been writing. 

This week this is what we've learned ...
{I rarely take pictures of my kids in these moments, because I'm busy being a teacher}:
  • My 10 year old learned to make scrambled eggs, and he did so well, I am considering giving up breakfast cooking to him {okay, no I am not}.
  • My 8 year old was reminded on how to make 911 calls, and we reviewed our address and phone number for that purpose.  Both of my kids can now make a call from home and from my cell phone in the case of an emergency. {Now I can get hit by a car, or fall off a ladder and get knocked unconscious... fabulous}
  • I gave my kids the first basic lesson on how to sew on my sewing machine, it was terrifying. {They had fun, now my son wants to sew a t-shirt and my daughter a new sparkly purse or maybe a stuffed animal}
  • My son learned how to make hot cocoa, and served the family his "special blend"
  • My daughter got to choose the country we learned about this week, she chose France "because it is so romantic", they both had to write a few paragraphs about what they learned. My daughter's second paragraph:
"If I went to France it would be wonderful.  It would be full of wonderful colors and light and be so romantic. The people who live there talk in French.  I wish I lived there."
In her essay there was no mention of the 15 minutes we spent discussing, watching YouTube videos of and reading about the Eiffel Tower.  Not one mention of Versailles or the Louvre or Notre Dame, I am so glad she learned so much {said the mommy who can never get that 45 minutes of her life back.}

Here are some pictures of things that we did this week:

Our days start early with strange activities like this one:

Our Local Regal Movie Theaters has $1 movies on Tuesday and Wednesday morning so we went to see "Parental Guidance" with friends, it was a great movie!

We went and played at a park and met a friend so B could play some basketball 

We went back to Farmer's Market and the Library with some friends

We took a bike ride to a nearby McDonald's and had ice cream

Hope these pictures give you some inspiration to get out and about, if you are looking for some more ideas visit my post "Five ways to create a memorable summer" or my Pinterest boards Get Busy, Get Learning, Get Creative, Get Moving, Get Experiences.

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