Jun 4, 2013

Something new, something fun, 20 Tuesdays

This week, I decided to start something new.  I'm joining Dawn from Dawn's Disaster for a weekly writing prompt called 20 Tuesdays.  {It is called that because that is how many Tuesdays she's going to do it for}.

This week's prompt is:
1.   My favorite food is

Next week:
2.   I love to ___ because
3.   My parent(s)/guardian(s) taught me
4.   I will never forget
5.   The most POSITIVE action in current events is
6.   When I watch TV, I cannot miss
7.   A movie I make every one watch is
8.   My most recent trip to the beach was
9.   While on my last road trip
10.  The best baseball team is
11.  Amusement park rides make me
12.  I caught my kid doing
13.  On my first date EVER, we
14.  On my first date with my {current partner}
15.  Now that summer is over
16.  School has started and
17.  My favorite book is
18.  My BEST day was
19.  My WORST day was
20.  For Halloween this year

- - - - - - - - - - - -
You are more than welcome to pick only one 20 Tuesdays topic to write about (if you do, please leave a comment {here or at Dawn's place} with your link and I will check it out), but if you do or plan to do all 20, link it up {over at Dawn's Disaster}.  It doesn't matter if you are joining on Day 1 or the last day, you're welcome to start whenever...even if I've been done for 20 years ;)

Check back next week for more fun! :) 

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