Aug 8, 2013

Alone in a crowded room

I stand in a crowded room 
and recognize that I am just one among many. 
I long to stand out from the crowd, 
and yet I am still just one voice 
and not one that draws a crowd.

A gentle voice reminds me:
Speak what I'm teaching you

My spirit rebels.
I cross my arms across my chest and pout for a moment

I have called you to love.
I fight the urge to roll my eyes, 
even as I feel conviction crush my heart 
and my eyes well with tears.

"My hope is dashed, 
My confidence crushed
My passion is still You,
And yet..."

His voice carries a sad small smile
My daughter,
why do you seek the approval of man?
why do you try to prove yourself to anyone but me?
why are you frustrated because I am not putting you on stage?

My fists ball into fists at my sides.
I am nearly throwing a full-blown tantrum.

"It's NOT FAIR!"
The accusation surprises me,
as I am always telling my kids that life isn't fair.

I am lonely and yet not alone.
Drifting and yet given a bearing.
I am frustrated and yet given an answer.

Again the tears fall as I wrestle with my pride.

And I realize that I should wait.
He is calling me to wait.
So, I wait.

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