Aug 22, 2013

Exciting new things and some FREE Printables

School has started and I have a new job!  I get to be a Substitute teacher for local High schools.  What this means: I am going to have to be way more intentional about writing, and posting.  I am also going to have to get WAY more organized and be ALL over encouraging my kids to be increasingly independent.

I am really excited about a series I am writing which I will be posting sometime in the next couple of weeks.  I will be linking up all over the place with it once I get it up, because I am genuinely thrilled about how it is coming together.  In the meantime I am also working on another project for my side business, which I have not really rolled out yet online and I am feeling apprehensive and encouraged by how it's shaping up.

Today I will be sharing some some free printables I have created for myself and my kids to help us get more organized.  Feel free to take and use them as they are, if you need a blank copy please leave me a comment and I will send it your way!

If you are interested in me personalizing any of the printables for your family, please leave me a comment or contact me and I provide those services for extremely low and reasonable fees.

All of these pages go in my "Home Management Binder" in the top-loading protective sleeves you can get at Target or Walmart. I like them protected so they stay nice looking, but also so I can write with a dry-erase pen on them to add odd "To-Dos" on (especially on my Week-by-week Schedule.)

 I am BIG on encouraging independence in kids, so I created the following lists so I don't feel like I have to hover or be a nagging mom when they claim to be done with anything, be it chore or task.  It spells out the expectations and saves me having to ask these same questions day after day, kid after kid.  It also helps with my son's lack of focus or ADHD, gives him something to focus on without having to listen to his mother's increasingly irritated voice (most of the time).  These are posted where my kids will read them.  (Their bedrooms and on the Fridge)

The Family Rules are visible from the Kitchen Table.  We discussed the rules before posting them, and when one of us breaks a rule, the question is given "Which rule are you breaking right now?", the answer given and that is the warning.  Since we implemented this a month ago, I've rarely  had to give more than a warning.  (When a rule is repeatedly broken, we try to have the consequence fit the "crime").

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