Aug 21, 2013

Muffin to Lose {Week 2}

My weigh-ins are now actually on Wednesdays, so I will be weighing-in after all.

The two quotes above are my inspiration this week.  I am not in any hurry to lose weight, because I want to make sure that my mind is on board, my motives are right and I am going to maintain the weight loss.  Hopefully I will lose more than the 2lbs I lost in the last 10 days, but it's a beginning.  I am inching my way down the scale. :)

My scripture inspiration this week is this:

My Weekly Affirmation:
I don't need to find my emotional comfort in food.  I have so many resources at my fingertips, just because I crave something doesn't mean I have to give in.  My hunger (or imagined hunger) does not get a vote.   I will drink the water I need to fill my bodies need for water, I will eat food as fuel, and I will enjoy EVERY bite... just fewer bites.

I am not going to eat bland, flavorless foods just because its "healthy", God did not create food to taste so good to torture us, but so we will enjoy nourishing our bodies.  I will remember that as the weeks go along.  Food is nourishment for my body.  NOT for my mind or emotions.  I will find that nourishment elsewhere.

This week's workouts included walking 2 miles at 4mph (2 times this week, 5 times next week) and some other "fun" cardio.  I had a couple Tae-BO (Billy Blanks) work out videos, but don't always have the time to do the full deal (nor can I watch the VHS tapes anymore - ha!)

I found these Turbo Kick videos and I include these movements in my morning workouts for a cardio warm up prior to my weigh-lifting activities.

My Cardio warm up usually last about 10-15 minutes, I start small with arm and shoulder rotations and work up to step touches with arm reaches like this video.
I then moved on to some Turbo moves (which looks so much like Tae-BO, I have to wonder).

I also found this 14 minute work out from an energetic Turbo Kick instructor.

These workouts are so much fun!  I will have to get a DVD to do more.

I have a subscription to Health Magazine and they had this series of metabolism boosting workouts
My favorite being the "Plank Walk Tuck Reach":
Stand with feet together and arms raised overhead. Hinge at hips and bring hands to floor, keeping legs as straight as possible. Walk out to a plank position (A). Jump feet toward hands, landing in a tucked position; jump back to plank (B). Walk hands toward feet and stand up. Repeat at hard intensity for 30 seconds. Image Credit

Just going to keep on focusing on getting strong, because STRONG is beautiful!

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