Aug 30, 2013

My ordinary worship

I wake up and the day hits me like bright sunlight suddenly streaming into a dark room. I flinch at the loudness of my alarm clock and quickly silence it with a tap of my thumb.

I roll out of bed and do the impossible: I work out.  My joints and muscles grumble good naturedly at the interruption of my sleep and  I silently make promises to myself.  Promises of sleeping in and massages.  Promises of feeling better tomorrow and being able to indulge from time to time.  I know that I may be lying, but I let myself keep talking.

After my shower I enter the kitchen which is bustling with the energy that only a 8 and 10 year old can release, a young, free and frantic energy that seems to pull you in and set you spinning if you don't hold onto something stable. 

They are making lunches and eating breakfast.  My husband and ironing his clothes for the day and I make my coffee as I breathe in the comfort of my chaos. 

Just another day in paradise.  {I know it sounds sarcastic, but I really mean it}.

Each day in my life is precious, and I am reminded time and time again that Romans 12:1 is talking about the most common day-in-the-life.  Maybe my kids are griping at each other or maybe they are being "best brother and best sister".  Maybe I feel like I've been hit by a truck, or maybe I woke up feeling ready for the day.  It is all worship.

I worship God as I appreciate the home that He gave me, and as I look out at my yard and wave at a neighbor walking their dog.  I worship Him as I love my family with patient endurance, and especially when I am laughing at something silly they are doing or saying.

This "spiritual act of worship" done by me, a "living sacrifice" is not something I can choose to NOT do as a believer and Christ-follower.   My life is an act of worship.  Except for when it's not. 

So when is that?  I am not always sure.  It doesn't feel like worship when I am grumbling (even internally) about people who have hurt me, things I wish were different, my appearance, or my kids.  But maybe it is all worship, just that the focus of my worship has become me instead of God.  Because when I am worshiping me, I am far more aware of how other people AREN'T... and I forget that they aren't supposed to be. 

Placing my life, from my first waking moment to when I rest my head at night, before the throne of God causes me to consider how much of my life is a worthy "sacrifice" for him and how much is less-than-my-best.  It helps me remember that every moment can either bring Him glory or bring me glory. 

God loves me no matter what I bring, but I want to bring my best.  Don't you?


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  1. Hi there! I relate to everything you wrote- except the getting up and working out part. My goodness - I'm impressed. Way to go. Your last line is my fave - God loves us no matter WHAT we bring - but I want to bring him my best too! BECAUSE He loves us. Not to earn His love. Subtle difference sometimes.

    Anyway... thanks for your thoughts, both here and on my blog today! Blessings!

  2. It is a subtle difference, but an important one!! Thanks for the comment!!


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