Sep 11, 2013

Muffin to lose - week 5 - Be more "DOG"

I am still on this journey to a healthier me and I'm about a month in, I've lost a grand total of 5 lbs, which isn't much, but a sight better than nothing at all. :)

I've succeeded this month in the following ways: I am intentionally drinking more water and avoiding soda, I am working out a minimum of 4 days a week, most weeks it's been 5... moving my body feels good!  I am also getting more fruits and veggies every day.  I feel more self-controlled and that feels GREAT!

The following video is only a minute long, but it is a great metaphor for life. I am actually a cat person, but this idea amused me!

This is an odd inspirational image for today... read on to find out why it inspired me! {AND to find out how I'm linking the "Be more 'Dog'" video with this idea}

I believe that to lose weight, it's more about what is happening inside your head, than what is happening inside your body.  Don't get me wrong, if you are super positive and have changed your thinking, but still eat ice cream and potato chips everyday, you won't lose weight, no matter what.

This is why the very idea of the "be more Dog" video has me giggling, but also thinking.  Not that I really think being a dog is better than being a cat, but that cat suddenly realized that life was worth living FULLY, and not sitting back and ... "meh". 

The above quote explains why so many weight-loss programs don't work.  In order to start one, we have to start with the idea that something needs to be changed about ourselves, that there is something wrong with us. 

But here is where I get tripped up.  That cat had to realize that there were aspects to being a cat that weren't allowing him to live his life to the fullest, and recognize aspects of a dogs life that were attractive and positive.

So, how do any of us recognize that something needs to change, without becoming stuck in the mire of self-defeat, self-deprecation, and  self-criticism?   How can we change how we are living our lives and still maintain a positive outlook?  That is the question.  It's what I am trying to figure out.  It is what I need to find so I know I can lose this weight, and keep it off.

So far this is what I know: I am beautiful the way I am, I will be beautiful when I lose the weight.  I will also be healthier, stronger and be closer to my goal of learning to surf or participating in an open-water race.  That is a good motivation.  Wanting to lose weight because I "hate how I look" or feel the need to hide from the camera, while true, are not productive reasons to lose. 

What is one positive reason you have for wanting to achieve a fitness or weight-loss goal?  Do you find that it is more motivating over the long run to focus on the positive and not on the "negative" (all the things you wish could change about you)?

Food for thought (calorie free!)

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  1. I have an amazing friend named Toni. I met her at the gym, and she has started her own clothing company based on the fact that she wants women to love who they are. She has an INCREDIBLE story of weight loss, moving towards health, and living in the wholeness of who God created her to be.


  2. And also, losing 5 pounds in a month is awesome! A healthy amount of weight loss per week is 2-3 pounds, so you are rockin it :)

  3. Thank you! I will check it out! Glad you stopped by!


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