Sep 19, 2013

She may be small... but she is mighty

I am linking up with Lisa- Jo for Five Minute Fridays...  it's a beautiful community of friends all writing on the same word for 5 minutes.  No editing, no over-thinking... just pouring their hearts and minds out.  Join us, won't you? {Make sure you visit several of the other friends linking up... it's amazing how many different directions one word can take one in!}

The word:  SHE


She sits in a nest made of blankets and pillows.  Her long blonde hair  forming a curtain around her cherub face.   Concentrating on a book of "Seek-n-finds", she is nearly motionless in intensity.  Every picture is found, there is no longer an exclamation, just the quiet shush of a page turning to mark her success.

I marvel at how quickly she turned from a squishy cheeked toddler into this 8-year-old self-contained person.  While I miss the high pitched, imperfect speech of her toddler and pre-school years, I am always in awe of who she is becoming.  Watching a single-minded goal of climbing to the top of the tether-ball pole achieved, as the muscles in her arms and legs become increasingly prominent.

She has always been physically small, small for her age, tiny feet (even still she wears "toddler sizes" in 3rd grade), small, high, "Minnie-Mouse" voice, her age has outstripped her size by 2 now, and she is always one of the smallest in her class.

She may be small, but she is mighty. 

She is strong {willed}, opinionated, a perfectionist-in-training, and she sparkles with a silly sense of humor that is becoming more and more sophisticated as she ages.  She learned young about "social power" and is starting to understand that with "great power comes great responsibility".  She can be fearless, yet is aware of the risks.  

She's my "baby", my husband's "sweetness", and she carries a name that is big, but can be shortened into seemingly endless nicknames, that means "pure" {which is my prayer for her}.  She's an amazing creation of God, and I am so honored that He gave her to me {yes, and her daddy too}.  I am both intrigued and terrified by the challenge.

I never had the desperate desire to be a mother to a girl, as a blue-wearing, tom-boy type, I was content to be surrounded by boys. But God in His infinite wisdom gave me this pink-loving, dress-wearing, accessory-obsessed girlie-girl... and suddenly I am loving exploring this magical, unique, fantastic mother-daughter relationship.  She is teaching me what it means to be feminine, one bow at a time.

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  1. Tris Bendickson KelloggSeptember 19, 2013 at 10:00 PM

    She sounds amazing and your love for her is obvious and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your pride and joy that represents "she". Always fun to meet new FMF friends!

  2. Thank you! Nice to "meet you" too! I do love her... but I guess that's to be expected! Glad you stopped by!


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