Oct 18, 2013

Sour Laundry

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This week's prompt: Laundry


Summers here get hot.  People always comment on the "dry heat" and how it's so much better than the humidity of the south.  While I dislike humidity, it's not much comfort when it's 110 degrees and your only water is found in a half full plastic bottle that is already lukewarm from the heat of your hand. 

The heat here is like the heat out of a long burning fire.  It parches your throat and the air is warm as it passes your lips.  

Also, I am easily distracted and yet can become so singularly focused I will forget everything else.  If I am cleaning, I can get lost in organizing something, and forget to clean.  If I am reading, I may not move for hours, even if I was working on another project.  If I am building with Legos with my kids, I am often building long after my kids have moved on to something new.

One other little thing: my husband has an unusually strong sense of smell.  He and I have such differing opinions on how things smell, I am often surprised by how strongly he might react to the smell of onions or pickles, when the smell doesn't even impact me at all.

I am only sharing these things so you understand why I really hate doing laundry, especially in the Summertime.  You see, our washer and dryer is out in the garage.  Our unfinished, uninsulated garage.   This means that in the summer when the outside temperature might be 105, inside the garage, it is easily 125 or hotter.  

If I am doing the laundry during day time hours, I have to be ON TOP of the clothes in the washing machine... because otherwise they will become sour in less than 15 minutes. 

Doing laundry in the summer for me is an exercise in futility.  I often find myself washing the same load of clothes two and three times because I forget and don't move them in time.   One might suggest a timer or other useful resolution to my on-going problem, yet I seem to be immune to all attempts to help me.  

I suspect that the existence of sour laundry in my life is more a sign of my failure to be present than anything else.  Which I suppose is the main point of this post.  Not the climate of the central valley of California, nor my husband's sense of smell, but rather my inability to stay in the moment.  

Do you ever have that problem?  Have you ever forgotten you were making cookies or the laundry in the washing machine?  The ability to stay present is a far underrated ability, one that I need to work on.  Are you a present-minded person?  Do you use any tricks to stay present in your day-to-day life?

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  1. I forget my laundry in the washer all the time. Thankfully, my washer is in the house, so it's sour smelling spoilage takes a little bit longer than 15 minutes...


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