Oct 6, 2013

The forgetful writer

 Every week for several months I have been linking up with Lisa- Jo for Five Minute Fridays...  it's a beautiful community of friends all writing on the same word for 5 minutes.  No editing, no over-thinking... just pouring their hearts and minds out.  Join us, won't you? {Make sure you visit several of the other friends linking up... it's amazing how many different directions one word can take one in!}

Except for Friday, I completely forgot.  I am working on a 31 day writing project and my brain was distracted by my newish job (as a Substitute) and, and, and... suddenly it's Sunday and I realized I didn't link up.  I didn't write a post and I feel a little like I forgot to attend a birthday party.

When I write, it's like talking to friends.  Not because I have a large number of comments each week (I don't think my writing style is conversational enough for that).  But I know that roughly 50-75 people will read this post, and that makes me feel like I am not just talking to the air, or worse, myself in the mirror.

A little more than a year ago I had just started blogging again, and it was like I had found my best friend again.  I participated last year in the 31 days link-up and wrote about {Inner} Beauty - thoughts about my identity in Christ.  Little did I know that it would carry me so much this year with some personal struggles I had.

Writing can be therapy, it can be turning yourself inside-out, it can also be a way to reach out and connect with complete strangers-turned-friends.  When people ask me why or how I blog, it is a simple answer; I blog because I have to, I write because God gives me the words.

Do I wish I felt more connected to a community, or my platform was growing faster, or I could find the magic formula for a hugely successful blog?  Perhaps.  But more and more I feel like this is a matter of obedience and a calling, and I am not doing this for the masses, but for God and those handful of people He is drawing toward me and my little blog.  I love the small connections, the moments where I can connect with a reader or another blogger on a more personal level, for today, that is enough.

I love this quote, and will leave you with it:

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  1. Yep, I hear you. More and more I'm doing my best to blog to an audience of One. If God is pleased, I'm good to go. Comments, stats, numbers, new friends along the way? The icing on the cake!

  2. AMEN!! I think it makes writing and blogging so much MORE fun {when I am only worrying about ONE opinion} ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. keep writing. I like your style. thank you for the encouragement. it is not about who reads my words but whether I get them written. God Bless.

  4. YAY! Thank YOU for the encouragement! I so appreciate it, and the truth you wrote there. :)


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