Jul 14, 2014

As the Blog turns... Someone Blue, Someone New!

Someone Blue:

ME!  I love this little piece of online real estate, yet over the last eight months I have been very busy and lax about writing. Worse still, I am facing a busy year as a full time student (starting back next month to get my teaching Credential).  I have some choices to make.  Do I shut it down to avoid all of the random spam comments?  Do I leave it collecting page views from my Pinterest pins? (100,000+ views and counting!) What to do?

Someone New:
I am trying something a little different. I am breathing new life into this little blog by inviting a friend to join the blogging community as a co-writer.  The idea first came to me when she said something about her life with her kids being a bit of a circus. (That is exactly how I feel!)  Then I knew it was meant to be when I realized I was eagerly awaiting her Facebook status updates about their recent move and the epic search for her Crockpot.  I thought... "I need that on my blog".   She's funny, she's helpful and she is all about the good ideas.

Without further Ado:
I would like to introduce you to Kelley!

Kelley will undoubtedly tell you more about herself later, but this is what I know.  She's a mom to three kids, including twin tweens (say that 5 times fast) and a fabulous wife, daughter, daughter-in-law and (of course) friend.   She will bring a lot of life, ideas, funny stories and a different perspective to this blog.

WELCOME KELLEY! I can't wait to read your first post!!

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