Jul 14, 2014

Just a little bit nervous...

Hi there and welcome!  I am Kelley and I am incredibly honored to have been asked to be part of “One Part Joy, One Part Circus”.  Nervous, but honored.  Okay, to be really honest...my palms are a sweaty mess and my heart is racing as I write this because my writing has always been personal of nature,  just to friends and family.  I have never put my writing “out there” for public consumption so to speak.

Oh I talk a good game, I do.  But to actually DO what I TALK about? No, nope, nada, nilch (I know nilch is not a word but wasn't it full of alliteration fun?)  because it is so much easier to encourage others to follow their dreams.  Many friends have suggested that I write, but have I?  NO.  Why? Because, I am a huge, big, tough ‘ol scaredy cat that is why.  So with my friend’s encouragement, and husband and children's blessings, I begin my public journey.

So here it goes, I take a breath, and I leap off into the great wide world of the blog-o-sphere with the promise that my great friend Alissa will hold my hand.  She promised to be right there beside me on this leap of faith.

I am sure parts of it will be smooth, easy and fun, and parts will be rocky and more uphill than I care for, but that is life: a journey of progression and growth.

I am honored to begin this journey with you and look forward to our many beginnings.

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