Oct 10, 2014

Finding Grace in Exhaustion

So I would be lying if I were to say it hasn't been a long week.  I. Am. Exhausted.  

But tonight at dinner I asked, after grace, for each of us to share something we are grateful for in our day.

I started with I am grateful I had an easy dinner and that they, the children, helped get it on the table.

The next child said “I am grateful we have a house and Daddy has a job.”

The second child said “I am grateful that our neighbor bought cookie dough for our school fundraiser”

The last kid who had a REALLY long day today said: "I am grateful I am tired".

Wow.  My world stopped.  Just stopped.  Talk about perspective shift.  I started to tear up.  Mostly, because right there and then I   Was   Exhausted.  

Lets be honest, most evenings and nights I am exhausted for a wide variety of reasons. 

Quite frankly they are not exciting reasons, like I was hanging out the opening of a hip new bar exhausted.
Or we just flew in from Bali, Hawaii, or Manhattan exhausted. 

NOPE, my reasons for being exhausted are probably the same as most mothers.  A child was up last night with nightmares, or I have to drop kids off at 3 different places at the same time across town, or the loads of laundry which may or may not be clean, or the dinner that still isn’t defrosted, the “MOOOMMMM! Hurry I stepped in DOOOOGGGG PPPOOOOOO” style emergencies that never seem to end.  Now, I acknowledge these are average little everyday things that just tend to add up.  But that is the point.  

NEVER in all my life have I ever equated being tired with something to be grateful for, rather it was something to be complained about, bemoaned, and begrudged.  But, certainly NOT thankful!

Well, at dinner’s grace out from the mouth of my child comes “thanks” for being tired.  Because, that means they had worked hard that day.  They packed a lot in and it was a good day.  

Talk about mind blown, perspective change and shift.

It truly made my life flash before my eyes of all the reasons I am tired.

I am tired because I have 3 great kids.

I am tired because we are fortunate enough for my husband to have a job that he loves so the hard work and long hours he puts in is "fun" for him.

I am tired because of our laundry, food, and dirty dishes after having dinner together as a family.

I am tired because I am pursuing intellectual challenges outside the home, such as professional designations and licenses, as well as, trying to be actively engaged in my children’s lives so that when they want to whisper a problem in my ear I truly try to listen.

I am tired, because I am BLESSED to have a full day.

Thank you child, I am grateful to be tired.

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