Oct 1, 2015

31 days of Encouragement - Use your words.

It is still JUST under the deadline.  Today is the first day of October, and historically this blog has participated in a 31 days of ... series.

Well, Kelley and I {AJ} have both been over our heads busy with new jobs and managing small empires {also known as families and homes}.  As a new teacher, I find that I thrive daily on the small little encouragements that I receive from  co-workers, students and my family.  We will be sharing daily encouragements for this month, and hope to bless a few of our readers in the process.

Today's encouragement is about the power of words.  As a mother, I have been known to occasionally say "use your words".  As a teacher, I use my words all day every day.  Most of the time my words are instructing, sometimes they are correcting and rebuking, often they are encouraging and helpful.

Do you find your words build others up?  If you reflect on that question and cringe, you are not alone!  We all make mistakes and say words that are not helpful or may be even downright hurtful.  Every day is a new day, and a fresh slate.  Plan to "use your words" in a positive way this week!  You may find that a simple smile and "hope you have a FABulous day" will make all the difference in the tone of your days.

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