Oct 2, 2015

Encouragement for working moms

You are not alone.  Someone sees you.  They see how you sacrifice, they see how you carefully schedule childcare and trade off with your husband or wife to take care of your family.   In the middle of busy days with busy schedules and the guilt of knowing you are not home with your family, you are never alone.

Just keep working hard for your family.  Just keep working hard for the people you serve every day.  People may choose a different path, but your path isn't wrong, just different, and maybe a little more difficult.  Just do what you need to do and know that it will all be okay.  Hundred's of thousands of kids in the 80s grew up with both parents working and it seemed to work out okay for most of them.

Tomorrow, when you wake up, take an extra moment for a squeeze or a ticklish moment, and them step back and enjoy them.  Look at their faces and their eyelashes, look at their knees and elbows.  Someday soon they will not want you to read them that story or play Uno with them for the hundredth time, but today they are still asking so be mindful and accept their invitation gladly.  Don't waste time feeling guilty, just waste time with your kids, laughing and reading and debating and watching.  Enjoy them while you can, and endure them when you can't.  You are doing great mama!

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